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Product information

Asfalt / Bitumen
Fogmassor / Sealants
Lim / Glues
PU-skum / PU-foams
Brandtätning / Fire sealant system
Tillbehör / Accessories



Roxboard Fire Sealant System

A complete system for fire-sealing openings and lead-throughs in concrete, brick or plaster walls. Is also suitable for concete and lightweight concrete floor structures. The system is approved by Swedcert in fire resistance class EI 60 and El 120, depending upon the type of opening (certificate no 0504) or type of lead-through (cert. no. 0503). Detailed instructions are to found in the relevant approval document.

Product description.

The system consist of Roxboard mineral wool (covered on one or both sides with water-based paint FireFront Coating FFC) and Båk Fire-Sealant (FireFront Sealant FFS) with accessories. The assembly is simple using a jig-saw and sealing-gun. No finishing work is required, eg. painting. Existing work is easy to change or complement.

Measurement. Roxboard (delivery size) 1200x600x80 mm and 1200x600x60


Båk Fire-Sealant FFS

Fire protective elastic sealant, impervious to smoke and gas. Intended for sealing partition walls, ventilation channels, emergency stairways, lift-shafts and lead-throughs.

Approved in fire resistance class El 60 for cable-openings in walls and floors of lightweight concrete, concrete and brick (cert. no. 0503, appendix 1). The sealant is free from silicon, is water-based, pick resistant and can be painted. The sealant is packaged in 0.3 litre cartridges.


Båk Perfect Foam

Single-component, semi- hard polyuretahne (PU) foam, designed for use in filling joints and cracks in constructions where cold or acoustic insulation are required. May even be used in assembly of window and door frames.


Product description

Båk Perfect Foam is applied with the Perfect Pistol. Precision adjustment allows optimum dosage and reduces foam loss. The foam strings can be regulated from 2 mm upwards by adjusting the dosage screw. No loss from dribbling occurs after use. Setting time is short, cutting being possible after approx. 40 minutes at normal room temperature. Post-application expansion for Perfect Foam is approx. 15- 25%, give minimal foam loss.

Perfect Foam expands without pressure and gives approx. 50 litres per bottle. Setting occurs through contact with air or with the surrounding material's dampness.



Values, according to the manufacturer, are based on tests. They comply with Building Material Class B2-DIN 4102 (test report number 1048/84 State test establishment in Hannover)

Density: approx 25 kg/m3 in accordance with DIN 53420
Heat conductivity:

0.037 W/m K in accordance with DIN 5261

Tensile strength: 0.13 Mpa in accordance with DIN 53571
Rupture strain: 28% in accordance with DIN 53571
Water absorption: 0.4 volume % in accordance with DIN 53428

Temperature durability: - 40 to 70°C
Båk Perfect Foam has, through experience, been shown to have very good adhesive properties, even on damp surfaces, with the exception of polyethylene, polytetraflourthylene (Teflon), silicon rubber and similar materials.


Båk Sealing Foam 3

Single-component PU foam in disposable bottle with plastic nozzle. Produces approx. 30 litres.



Båk Building silicon 145

Group 583/584. Elastic single-component sealing compound. Color: Grey, brown, black, white and transparent. Fastens, without primer, even to porous materials. Packaging: bags with 0.6 liters and cartridges of 0.3 litres.


Båk Sanitary Silicon 142

Group 583. Elastic single-component sealing compound with anti-mould additive, for use in wet rooms. Transparent, white and grey. Packaging: cartridges of 0.3 litres.


Båk Glass Silicon 141

Group 584. MTK (a Nordic industry association) approved, without primer for top sealing. Colour: transparent Packaging: cartridges of 0.3 litres.


Båk Acrylic Latex

Group 554. Solvent free sealant of single-component type, which accomodates movement of 15%. Designed for use in indoor and outdoor joints, eg. round windows and doors as well as acoustic joints for plasterboard walls. Paintable. Colour: Grey, white, brown, black and transparent. Packaging: bags of 0.6 liters and cartridges of 0.3 litres.


Båk-Acoustic sealant

Group 556. For sound-proofing of plasterboard etc. Solvent free. Paintable. Colour: White. Packaging: Tins of 5 litres and bags of 0.6 litres.


Båk-Paintable sealant

Group 554. Solvent free sealant of single-component type which accomondates movement of 10%. Designed for use indoor joints, eg. round windows and doors. Paintable. Colour: White. Packaging: Cartridges of 0,3 litres.


Båk-Putty Butyl-Sealant

Group 531. Synthetic rubber-based sealant of Butyl rubber in combination with elastomer, Paintable. Båk-Putty intended for sheet metal trimmings, gutters, ventilation, drums etc. The sealant is tested with regard to strain, elasticity, flow properties etc. in accordance with SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) certificate 6060, 219. A copy of certificate can be ordered from the manufacturer. Båk-Putty comes in grey and black. Packaging: Tins of 5 litres and cartridges of 0.3 litres.


Båk-Mounting Glue 400

Air-cured single-component glue. Even fastens to cold, damp and greasy surfaces.


Båk-Adhesive H20

Water-based adhesive for celluar plastic, wood, gypsum, chipboard etc. Stores to -15°C.


Båk-Wood Adhesive

Wood adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. Gives a neutral coloured joint. Complies with DIN 68603, B-3


Båknol Cold Bitumen

Thick flowing rubber bitumen solution intended for damp proofing of concrete bricks, light concrete block (Leca) etc., as well as as for rust- proofing. Tested by Stockholm's Harbour Authority with regard to rust-proofing ability, see below.

Material: Båknol cold bitumen is produced from synthetic rubber, oxidised bitumen and aromatic solvent.

Colour: Black.

Properties: Breaking point according to Fraass approx. -30°C. Softening point according to KoR 95°C. Båknol cold bitumen is tested over a short period by Stockholm's Harbour Authority's material test laboratory with regard to rust-proofing ability. The tests showed higher painting values than reference test (according to IVA's 10-point scale).


Båknol Primer

Thin flowing rubber bitumen solution intended for damp- proofing of concrete walls, masonry, beams etc. Even suitable as a primer for extremly dry roofing-felt when it is to be treated with Båknol Roofing Compound as surface protector.

Material: Like Båknol Cold Bitumen, but with higher solvent content. Easy application even in temperatures below zero.


Båknol Sealing Paste

Sealing Paste is intended for roof and floor drains and culverts, as well as roof repairs. Sealing Paste is manufactured from synthetic rubber, oxidised bitumen, fibrous filler and aromatic solvents. Breaking point according to Fraass is approx. -30°C. Softening point according to KoR 95°C. Sealing Paste has a wetting agent additive which increases adhesion, even to wet surfaces.



Båknol Tiger Rubber

Simular to Båknol Sealing Paste but the consistency is such that work can be carried out more easily in cold or wet conditions.

Båknol Roofing Compound

Designed for maintenance of dry roofing-felt, plate and asbestos cement roofing. Suitable even for gluing glassfibre fabric when repairing leaking dry roofing-felt.

Material: Roofing Compound consists of synthetic rubber, oxidised bitumen, fibrous filler and aromatic solvents. Breaking point according to Fraas is approx. -30°C. Softening point according to KoR 95°C.
Color: Black.


Båknol Roofing Glue

For gluing overlapping dry roofing-felt joints when a single covering is used.


Båknol Glue no. 202

For gluing overlapping dry roofing-felt joints. The glue consistency is such that work can be carried out even in cold or wet conditions.


Xypex watertight mortar

Xypex Concentrate. Primarily intended for indoor applications on concrete and plaster surfaces which are exposed to both high and low water pressure. The mortar is composed of Portland cement, silica compunds and a special hardener and catalyst which reacts with hydrated lime in the concrete, creating watertight and durable compounds which, at depth, seal small contraction cracks.

Xypex can penetrate concrete structures up to a depht of 400 mm and is therefore an effective sealant. The water barrier is not vapour tight. Impermeability according to the report number 10/75 A/S Norsk Leca Laboratory. References of work can be obtained.

Quick-setting Xypex Ultra-Plug. Dry mortar which is mixed with the liquid Quick-Set and is kneaded by hand into a plug. It effectively seals water leakage in concrete contructions.


Compacta additives

Additives for concrete and cement which increase the mortars bending and compressive strength as well as being adhesive when crack free concrete floors are required. In addition, hightens frostproofing in outdoor constructions such as bridges etc., as well as sealing natural stone etc. Copies of test certificates are aviable from SP (Chalmers Technical College). Material. White liquid with a latex rubber base which is mixed with water.


Compakta membrane hardener

Designed for newly moulded concrete. Is sprayed over the fresh concrete. Gives good adhesion for subesquent finishing of floors.


Båk-Environinental Mould Release Oil

Mould release oil. Intended for application where environmental demands are very high.